• Studies
  • Consulting and Advice

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  • Project Management
  • Engineering & Design
  • Procurement
  • Construction Management
  • Commissioning
  • Contracting Models

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  • Intelligent plant management.
  • Labour issues and SHEQ responsibilities.
  • Flexible and tailor made to the specific project.

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  • Brownfields Specialists
  • ICMI Implementation Assistance
  • Cyanide Detox
  • AMD and Mining Effluent Treatment

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We assist our clients in turning their ideas into projects by partnering with them from conceptual stage through pre-feasibility and bankable feasibility stages up to implementation.

Our flexibility and unconventional thinking enable us to find solutions where others may see a dead end.


Our Engineering service offering includes:



  • Conceptual/Scoping studies
  • Desktop feasibility costings
  • Pre-feasibility and bankable feasibility studies
  • Classed costing studies
  • Study management

   Consulting and Advice

  • Test work scoping and management
  • Conceptual flow sheet, mass balance and plant layouts
  • CapEx and OpEx estimating
  • Due diligence
  • Support for the financing process


We are equally comfortable leading the study or operating as part of the client's team.


Our clients rely on us to provide cost effective and fit for purpose implementation solutions.

We are not shackled by convention and partner with our clients to find suitable implementation strategies, both in engineering as well as in contracting terms. Despite this, quality and safety are never compromised.

Our implementation solutions include the following:


Project Management

The project manager's role is not only to direct the project execution, but also to fulfil the client's needs. Matching personalities and skills to the client's expectations and requirements is key.

Our project management systems are based on the principles as embodied in the well-known PMBOK guidelines. Project planning and cost control are associated project support services, directly controlled by the project manager.


Engineering & Design

Our in-house multi-skilled engineering and design team is the engine that drives it all. Process, Mechanical, Piping, Civil, Structural, Instrument, Electrical and Control engineering are supported by our established drawing office, effectively servicing all fields.

The drawing office has a number of the latest technology CAD stations equipped with the most updated drawing software. We utilise the Autodesk suite of CAD software but designs on other packages can also be accommodated.

Our designs are completed in 3D and clash detection software is utilized to minimize site changes. Document control is an integral part of design management. We have our own in-house document control system, but our document controllers are also familiar with using client specified systems and procedures.



Using our standard procurement systems as a base, a project specific procurement strategy is developed for each individual execution project. Supported by our long-standing relationships with reputable and established suppliers, we are able to procure the best products and fabrication/construction services from almost anywhere in the world.

Procurement activities are supported by appropriate expediting, QA/AC and logistics support. Efficient planning and management of the total procurement function enable us to deliver high-quality projects, at the best possible cost.


Construction Management

A competent construction management team is required to turn an engineered solution into reality.

We put teams together that excel in controlling the technical integrity, budget and schedule of the project, while managing the safety, health environmental and quality (SHEQ) issues.



Project specific process and control knowledge is required for efficient commissioning. That's why our lead project process engineer normally acts as commissioning manager. Utilising our well-developed commissioning systems and with support from the design team, commissioning time is minimised.


Contracting Models

We execute complete multidisciplinary engineering projects for, or on behalf of, our clients. We work equally well as an independent engineering house or as part of the client’s project team and can execute all or some of the project activities listed above.

We are comfortable completing greenfields or brownfields projects using any of the standard contracting methodologies including EPC, EPCM, LSTK, BOO, BOOT or any variations thereof.


Operating and maintaining plants designed by LogiProc is a logical progression of our design and construction business.

Even though operating and designing plants require different skillsets, the cross pollination between these two activities is beneficial to both disciplines. A LogiProc operated plant will be managed intelligently, getting the best recovery and throughput from the installed equipment while being sensitive to labour issues and SHEQ responsibilities.

Every plant and client is different. We pride ourselves in being able to provide flexible operating and maintenance solutions tailor made to the specific project.


Brownfield Specialists

The majority of LogiProc’s project experience falls within the brownfields project environment.

Due to the inherent difficulties associated with designing and constructing process plants within a working plant, a unique approach is required. This has become a specialised field of engineering and project execution that we excel at.

We've developed a specific brownfields design and construction methodology, derived from past experience and lessons learnt. This methodology takes into consideration plant downtime, interfacing/tie-ins and ergonomic concerns. This unique approach minimises existing plant production losses and maximises plant productivity, given the project specific circumstances.

All of LogiProc’s engineers and designers are trained to accommodate these specific brownfields project challenges and have the experience and capabilities of undertaking complex projects of this nature.


ICMI Implementation Assistance

Most of the major gold mining companies have committed themselves to comply with the "International Cyanide Management Code for The Manufacture, Transport and Use of Cyanide in the Production of Gold" as published and managed by the International Cyanide Management Institute (ICMI).

We are experienced in designing and constructing (or modifying existing) Cyanide handling and dosing plants that comply with the code. We can also assist with preparations for the required technical audits by the ICMI.


Cyanide Detox

In recent times the preservation of the environment for the future generations has received large amounts of attention, and with good reason.

This resulted in stricter environmental laws and forced the mining industry to ensure their operations are safe for their employees as well as the environment. One of the focus areas is the reduction of the Cyanide concentration within the tailings discharge. The methods of achieving this are commonly referred to as Cyanide Detoxification (Cyanide Detox for short) and entail various destruction or dilution options.

LogiProc has extensive experience in this field having completed a number of feasibility studies and implementation projects.


AMD and Mining Effluent Treatment

The treatment of AMD as well as general mining and industrial effluent is one of our specialities. We offer a range of different solutions including; Ion Exchange, Membrane Filtration, High Density Sludge (HDS) with final water polishing and the Potassium Nitrate Ex-Waste (KNeWTM) process:


KNeW Process

We are the engineering partner for the developer of the patented and award winning KNeWTM (Potassium Nitrate Ex-Waste) process.

This process was developed to treat AMD and other mining/industrial effluent streams (including fracking effluent). The technology utilises ion exchange and well known industrial chemical processes to clean the water and turn the waste into valuable, saleable products.

The process is flexible and can be configured to produce a number of different products.

The advantage over competing technologies is the high commercial value of products that are produced, Zero Liquid Discharge, minimised solid waste and high water recovery.