Introduction of David Johns

We are excited to announce the latest addition to our Project Management Team, David Johns.

David is a seasoned professional in the metallurgical/mining industry with more than twenty years’ experience in the field. He has a Bachelor of Science in Engineering (Extractive Metallurgy) and a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering, both from Wits University.

In his own words: “I am a passionate, energetic, ethical people person who likes to get the job done. The leadership, development and success of the many teams I have led and managed is my real passion”.

During David’s first tenure with the company he has proven to fit in with the unique LogiProc company culture and core values. We have found David to be flexible and adaptable and able to handle pressurised working environments. His commendable work ethic is already paying off on the projects assigned to him.

With David on board, we are looking forward to further expand LogiProc’s footprint in the Metallurgical Process Plant industry.

We wish him only the best in achieving his personal goals and objectives!